Education Liberator, Vol. 3, No. 3, April

Alliance Web Page Now Features
Automated Proclamation Registry

Database searcher, dynamic calendar

by Greg Dirasian
Separation Alliance Webmaster,

Our Internet activities are advancing by leaps and bounds. Although changes on the web site may not be visually obvious, much improvement is being made in the underlying mechanisms.

First, the calendar, on the first page of our web site, is filling up with dates for upcoming events. Two ladies told Marshall at his ASCD speech that they learned of the event via our calendar page. Second, on Jan. 23, our automated endorsement program went online. People who endorse the Proclamation through the web site will now be entered into the web site registry within a week. Tell your friends to visit our site and endorse the proclamation online.

Third, DERIC (our search engine) is ready to start accepting addresses of interesting sites that you find on the net. This is my first pass at DERIC; you can expect to see a new and improved (easier to use) version in the near future. Do not hesitate to offer your own suggestions.

WWW Statistics
October '962,736
November '962,761
December '962,386
January '972,709
We are also making strides in other areas of Internet activities. Our e-mail discussion forum is now available in digest form. Instead of having your mailbox flooded with messages, you can receive one big message each day that contains all the messages from the list. Directions for subscribing to the digest can be found on the first page of the web site.

Valentine Riddell has been kind enough to offer her services to look into putting SepCon'97 on the Internet via IRC (Internet Relay Chat). This would be a live, interactive forum where people could participate in the conference without actually being present. I am excited about this, and look forward to supporting Valentine in her efforts.

Finally, an online product catalog will soon be available. Peter Cappello put the catalog together and we are getting ready to put it on the web site. The catalog will show what we have to offer in terms of books, reports, audio, and video tapes.

Please visit the web site often and we will keep you updated on all that is happening.


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