Education Liberator, Vol. 3, No. 4, May

Online Endorsements Picking Up
As Web Site Traffic Grows

by Greg Dirasian
Separation Alliance Webmaster,

HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN school to a higher intelligence?
--Elliot, "E.T."

How do you explain separation of school and state to somebody who has been raised believing that public schools are natural? We usually get one shot at doing this on the web site. As I develop more of the site's capabilities, I am trying to track how successful we are at explaining Separation. The results, so far, look promising.

The number of visitors to the site is up by approximately 30% from January to February, and though there was a slight dip in March it was still 24% higher than January. April shows promise of being our best month ever.

People are endorsing the proclamation online and we are getting their names onto the web site regularly. We are averaging more than one endorser per day.

I continue making enhancements to DERIC (Dissenters' Education Research and Information Clearinghouse).

Visits to
October '962,736
November '962,761
December '962,386
January '972,709
February '973,513
March '973,367
Because I am putting more time than expected into DERIC, other activities have been put on the back burner. This includes an online product catalog.

I am very excited by the new version of DERIC. It should prove to be a powerful tool for Separation research. Those of you involved on the e-mail forum may know that I have been doing some research myself, so I have an additional interest in seeing the new DERIC completed.

Come visit the website ( ) often and check out our progress.

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