Education Liberator, Vol. 3, No. 5, June

Get More People to Our Web Site
Here's How You Can Help

by Greg Dirasian
Separation Alliance Webmaster,

I have made a major enhancement to DERIC (our search engine for "dissenting" education articles), available on the Separation Alliance web site. DERIC now indexes every word of every article it is given. As of this writing, the DERIC index contains 152 articles composed of 10,363 unique words. Of the 152 articles, 143 are Education Liberator articles, three are other Separation Alliance documents, and six are articles from other web sites.

Unlike generic search engines on the Internet, DERIC does not index web sites, but rather specific articles whose URLs have been submitted. I am requesting that anybody who finds good education-related articles on the Internet to submit the URLs to DERIC. This can be done at:


If you have any doubts about the type of articles we are looking for, you can get to a list of some of the articles we are using at the AddURL.html page.

Any URL that is submitted goes into a list of proposed URLs which we periodically review. Appropriate URLs are moved into the permanent list and then the DERIC index is rebuilt with these new articles. To reach 1,000 articles by SepCom '97 would be a worthy achievement, and we'll need some good people to help.

Visits to
October '962,736
November '962,761
December '962,386
January '972,709
February '973,513
March '973,367
April '973,913
As you can see, we report the amount of web activity every month. April was our best month so far, but May has shown a drop-off (final numbers aren't in yet). You can help us fix this. If you participate in any kind of related e-mail list, please remind people that they can visit the Separation of School and State Alliance web site at: and endorse our Proclamation online. To help you track if your efforts result in increased visits, I have placed a counter on the first page to show the number of visitors. This number differs from the actual number of visitors because the counter only counts the number of visitors to the first page and misses all those people who go directly to Education Liberator articles from Internet search engines. In spite of this difference, the number can still give you an idea as to whether or not your actions helped increase the number of visitors to our site.

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