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Volume 1 (1995)

Number 5 (February)
The Critical Distinction Between Homeschooling & Government Schooling by Chris Cardiff
Editor's Letter: Some Families Aren't Waiting for Separation by Chris Cardiff
Practicalities of Separating School & State by Marshall Fritz
Proclaimer Profile: Robyn Miller
DropOuts from Compulsory Schooling's Damaging Moral Dualism by Jackie Orsi
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Number 4 (December/January)
Why the State Took Control of "Education" by Sheldon Richman
The KKK's Attempt at Thought Control in Oregon Schools by Jackie Orsi
Parent Speaks Out for Educational Freedom by Katharina Johnson
School Sakharovs, the Sam Adams of Education Reform, an Erudite Curmudgeon and More by Steve Smith
Proclaimer Profile: Chip Sills
Proclamation Authors & Contributors
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Number 3 (November)
Public Education: How Free? by Rolf McEwen
The 9 Assumptions of Modern Schooling by John Taylor Gatto
From the Editor: SepCon '95 Is Coming! by Chris Cardiff
Separation Alliance in Cyberspace by Chris Cardiff
Proclaimer Profile: Candace Allen
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Letters to the Editor
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Number 2 (October)
Another Disaster in Education "Reform" by Jackie Orsi
From the Editor by Chris Cardiff
From Idea to Reality: Selling Separation by Chris Cardiff
The Most Powerful Political Communication by Jim Warren
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Proclaimer Profile: Janet Martin
Number 1 (September - Premier Issue)
Small Reforms, Little Victories by Charles Johnsen
From the Editor by Chris Cardiff
The Cement Canoe by Marshall Fritz
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