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Catholics and School Liberation

The principles implied in the shibboleth, "Free Education for all," which have been gaining ground in modern times, under the influence of Liberalism and Socialism, are full of danger to the interests of family life, especially where the free education is to be given at the public expense in State schools. The danger becomes greater when the State or the municipal authority supplies books, stationery, and medical attendance, and sometimes even free meals, to the children.

This system, suggesting as it does that the children belong to the State rather than to the parents, tends to withdraw both teachers and children from the parents' control. Besides, parents do not, under a system of the kind, take the same interest in the child's education as they do when they themselves defray at least some portion of the expenses. Hence it seems most desirable, in the best interests of both child and parent, that the latter should in all cases pay directly [italics in original] at least a small portion, and, where possible, even a considerable portion of the educational expenses.

E. Cahill, S.J.
Parents and Children--Education | "Free Education for All"
Chapter XX in The Framework of a Christian State
Republished by Roman Catholic Books, Fort Collins, CO
Originally published in 1932

Catholics who have endorsed liberating schools from political influence


Killing off the Catholic Church by Father Vincent Fitzpatrick
Father Fitzpatrick lays it bare: " . . . in most cases, the really systematic separation of the Catholic from the Catholic Faith gets underway in earnest not in the turmoil of adolescence, or through the influence of a non-Catholic romance, but on that morning when Mom and Dad watch proudly as their six-year-old climbs into the government school's big yellow bus."

Cyberschools - the rest of the story by Robin Bernhoft, MD

Education and charity begin at home by Thomas A. Droleskey

Satan has no brakes by Marshall Fritz and E. Ray Moore, Jr.

Homeschooling comes of age in U.S.

Calvinism lite: Fresno man seeks separation of school and government

A special endorsement

Catholics who have endorsed liberating schools from political influence

Two bishops

Most Reverend Francisco José Arnaiz, S.J.
Auxiliary Bishop of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Most Reverend Matthias Ssekamaanya
Bishop of Lugazi, Uganda

Fifty one priests

Fr Ramon Adair Sturtze, O.C.D.
Hospice founder, Parroquia San Mandelt, Guatemala
Fr Dr Rogelio Alcántara Mendoza
Director de la Comisión de Pastoral Educativa, de la Arquidiócesis de México; Pastor, Assumption parish
Fr Joseph Balker
retired, Fresno, Calif.
Fr Hugh Barbour, O. Praem.
Prior of St Michael's Abbey Silverado, Calif.
Fr Constantine Paul Belisarius
History & English teacher, Front Royal, Virginia
Fr John M Beers
Washington, DC
Fr Robert Billett
Vocation Director, Claretian Missionaries, Los Angeles, Calif.
Msgr John B Brady
Pastor, Holy Angels Church, Avenue, Maryland
Fr James Buckley F.S.S.P
Prof of Spirituality, Our Lady of Guadelupe Academy, Elmhurst, Pennsylvania
Fr Francis Canavan, S.J.
Prof. of Political Science, Fordham Univ.
Fr Jairo Candimil
Director of Education, Archdiocese of Cali, Colombia
Fr Raymond Dunn, S.J.
Former high school and college teacher, Palo Alto, Calif.
Fr Luke Dyjak, O.F.M. R.I.P.
San Pedro, Calif.
Fr Herbert Elmlinger R.I.P
Judicial Vicar, Diocese of Fresno, Fresno, Calif.
Fr Dennis Evenson
Pastor, Annunciation Parish, Northfield, Minn.
Fr J. Vincent Fitzpatrick
Newman Center, Grand Forks, North Dakota
Fr Charles Fiore
Lodi, Wisconsin
Fr Joseph Ganssle, O.F.M.
Principal, Our Lady of the Rosary Academy, Denver, Colorado
Fr James Garceau
Los Angeles, Calif.
Fr Daniel Gorham
Greek Orthodox priest, Lake Worth, Fla.
Fr John A Hardon, S.J. R.I.P.
Author, The Catholic Catechism, Detroit, Michigan
Fr Franz Jordan
Retired parish priest, Racine, Wisconsin
Fr Eugene Keane
Pastor, St Augustine's, Highland, New York
Fr Sebastian Kolodziejczyk
Casa Hogar Juan Pablo II orphanage, Lurin, Peru
Fr Maria LaFitte
Rome, Italy
Fr William J.P. Langan
USMC chaplain (ret), Friendsville, Penn.
Fr George Larin
Russian Orthodox archpriest, Nyack NY
Fr Donald R Lavelle
Director, St Anthony Mary Claret Center, Compton, Calif.
Fr Eugene Leonard
Spartenburg, SC
Fr Michael Lyons
Pastor, St. Michael's and Our Lady of Guadelupe parishes, Cuero, Texas
Fr Simeon Marro
Bolivar, Penn.
Fr Paul Marx, O.S.B.
Founder, Human Life International, Front Royal, Virginia
Fr Joseph Menker
St. Paul, Minn.
Fr Robert Pearson
Sons of Mary, Ret. W Long Branch, NJ
Fr Roberto Pirrone
Assoc Pastor, St Rose of Lima Catholic Church, Maywood, Calif.
Fr Augustine Puchner, O. Praem.
St. Michael's Abbey, Silverado, Calif.
Fr Theodore Reznowski
Former parish priest, now on sabbatical, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Fr Angelo Roncero
Universidad Francisco Marroquin, Guatemala
Msgr Richard Schuler
Pastor, St Agnes, St. Paul, Minn.
Fr Frederick Simunich
Phoenix, Az.
Fr Richard Smith
St Brigid's Catholic Church, Hanford, Calif.
Fr Michael Steber
Pastor, St. Rose Catholic Church, Channing, Michigan
Fr Hubert S Szanto, O. Praem.
Principal emeritus, St. Michael's Prep., Silverado, Calif.
Fr Egler Tarimoza
Orphanage for brain damaged boys, La Victoria, Venezuela
Fr George Twigg-Porter, S.J.
USF, San Francisco, Calif.
Fr Norbert Verhagen
Retired Maryknoll, Los Gatos, Calif.
Msgr Joseph M Wadowicz
Captain, CHC, USNR Ret, Laguna Hills, Calif.
Fr Paul Wicker
Pastor, Holy Apostles, Colorado Springs, Colo.
Fr Jerome Wilson
Former VP-Business, Univ Notre Dame
Fr Michael J. Winn
Pastor, Holy Family Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Fr Walter Wittemann
Semi-retired, Surfside Beach, SC

Four brothers

Bro Paul Akagan, O.P.
Missionary, St Dominic Priory, Yaba, Lagos
Bro Paul Goeltz, S.M.
Director, A H Meadows Center, St. Mary's University, San Antonio, Texas
Bro Francis Mary Kalvelage, F.I.
New Bedford, Massachusetts
Bro Augustine Kelly OFM-Conv
Habit & ecclesiastical-vesture maker, Libertyville, Ill.

Thirtee nuns and consecrated virgins

Marianne Alpha, C.V.
Headmaster, Holy Rosary Academy, Anchorage, Alaska
Sr Mary Catherine
Retired Catholic elementary teacher (35 years), St. Paul, Minnesota
Sr Margarita Chico Sacistán
Religious Educator, Dominican Republic
Sr Patricia Crowley
Former elementary teacher, Los Angeles, Calif.
Sr Connie Driscoll
Founder of St. Martin de Porres House of Hope, Chicago Illinois
Sr Nhur Juque
Missionaries of Nazareth, Caracas, Venezuela
Sr Leonece, M.C.
Orphanage for brain damaged children, Catia la mar, Venezuela
Sr Maria Luz Martinez
Superior General, Sisters of the Immaculate Conception, Madrid, Spain
Sr Mary John Morriss
Beaverton, Oregon
Sr Maria Eva Parra Restrepo
Franciscan finance director for Colombia
Sr Encarnacion Saiz
Teacher, Missionaries of Nazareth, Caracas, Venezuela
Sr Eliza Santos
Santa Cruz, Calif.
Sr Susanna, M.C.
Orphanage for brain damaged children, Catia la mar, Venezuela

Many lay leaders

Nora Bennis
Leader, Ireland Christian Party, Limerick Ireland
John Blewett
Board Member, Thomas Aquinas College, Santa Paula, CA
Alex Chafuen
President, Atlas Foundation, Dunn Loring, VA
Gregory Clovis
Director of Human Life International-U.K., London, England
Dean Clancy
Policy Analyst to House Majority Leader Dick Armey, Washington, DC
Douglas Dewey
Director, Children's Scholarship Fund, NY
Thomas A. Droleskey, Ph.D.
Publisher, Christ or Chaos
Dan Engler
Pro-life volunteer, copywriter, Santa Barbara, CA
Michael Engler
Pro-life volunteer, copywriter, Santa Barbara, CA
John Finn
Early organizer of U.S. pro-life movement, Redondo Beach, CA
Marshall Fritz
Director, Alliance for the Separation of School & State, Fresno, CA
Thomas Furtado
Director of Admissions, Seton Home School, Front Royal, VA
Fran Griffin
Prioress, Immaculate Conception Chapter, Third Order of Preachers, Vienna, VA
Kimberly Hahn
Homeschooling mother, Catholic apologist, Steubenville, OH
Ed Hurlbutt
President, Fresno Right to Life, Fresno, CA
Jim and Tina Johnston
Board of Acton Institute, Red Cross Emergency Specialist, Wilmette, IL
George Kendall
Catholic freelance writer, publisher & philosopher, Grand Marais, MI
William K Kilpatrick
Professor, Boston College Author, Why Johnny Can't Tell Right from Wrong
Philip Lawler
Editor, Catholic World Report, Boston, MA
Tim Leonard
1998 US Taxpayers Party Candidate for Gov. of Colorado, Kittridge, CO
Leonard Liggio
Atlas Foundation, Fairfax, VA
Robert Marlowe
President, Council for Educational Freedom, Upper Marlboro, MD
William H Marshner
Professor of Theology, Christendom College, Front Royal, VA
Margaret E Mathers
Former director of Catholic Charities, Farmington, NM
Kevin McCready
Director, San Joaquin Psychotherapy Center, Clovis, CA
Tom Monaghan
Founder, Domino's Pizza
Steven W Mosher
Population Research Institute, Fairfax, VA
CE Newbury
Prolife leader, Johannesburg, South Africa
Carl Pherson
Professor of Ag Economics, California State University at Fresno, Fresno, CA
John Pisciotta
Professor of Economics, Baylor University, Waco, TX
James Prusa
The Joseph Foundation
Charles E Rice
Professor of Law, Notre Dame Law School, Notre Dame, IN
Llewellyn H Rockwell, Jr
Ludwig von Mises Institute, Auburn, AL
Michal Semin
Civic Institute, Prague
Mark Shea
Catholic apologist, author, speaker, and blogger
Joseph Sobran
Editor, Sobran's, Burke, VA
Charles Solis
REACH Family Institute, Ashland, OR
Angela Stadler
Director of Human Life International-Austria, Vienna, Austria
Robert Teegarden
CA Catholic Conference, Sacramento, CA
Tim Tillman
Property manager, Diocese of Fresno, Clovis, CA
Jeffrey Tucker
Director of Research, Ludwig von Mises Institute, Auburn AL
Christine Vollmer
President, Provive, Caracas, Venezuela
Gary Walterscheid
Pro-life volunteer, advertising copywriter, Visalia, CA

A special endorsement

"As C. S. Lewis remarked, the modern world keeps trying to make religion a purely private matter while constantly reducing the areas of privacy that are left to us. If we treasure our liberty, we must keep the minds of our children free of the power of the state.

"Nobody is fighting for this cause more thoughtfully or vigorously than the Alliance for the Separation of School & State, whose goal is to make education completely and inviolably private.

"Its founder and leader is Marshall Fritz, one of the most amazing men you'll ever meet — a huge man who combines the mind of a philosopher, the humor of a comedian, the piety of a monk, and the energy of my grandchildren. I don't mean to heap hyperbolic praise on Marshall; the most important thing about him is that he simply understands what the battle is all about. It's not just about imparting computer skills and raising test scores; it's finally about making sure that children learn about Christ. That's exactly what public education is now designed to prevent."

Joseph Sobran in "Washington Watch,"
The Wanderer, February 13, 1997

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