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Bible-based Christian contact:
David Callihan



More Bible-based Christians who have endorsed liberating schools from political influence

Les & Andrea Bachelor
Salem, OR
LaNora Badger
Williamsport, PA; Mom
Loren & Raylene Bailor
Wheatfield, IN; Loren's occupation is Telecom, Raylene is a Home Maker, 4 children, Christian, growing kids God's way,
Lori Baldwin
Citrus Heights, CA; Christian homeschooling mom
Chuck Balfe
Deland, FL; Internet Site administrator and Evangelist,
Thomas Ballard
Antelope, CA; Presbyterian, home schooled 11-year old boy, Environmental Consultant, Flight Attendant
Brian & Camelia Balow
Rosemount, MN
Michael & Priscilla Bandy
Williamsport, PA
Michael Barber
Milwaukee, WI; Christian who loves politics
Samantha Barber
Williamsport, PA; Mom
John G. Barbour
Seaside, CA; Substituted in 20+ public schools in South Carolina & Florida and taught in Christian school in California, Wants a list of schools (including higher education) that espouse our philosophy
Deborah S. Barger-Breuer
Williamsport, PA
Sally Barnard
Tulsa, OK
Lydia M. Barner
Purcellville, VA; Mom
Susan Barnett
Woodland, MS; Registered Nurse, 5, Baptist, Horses & Reading
Jeffery & Rhonda Barnhouse
Greenfield, MO; Homeschooling Christian family,
Steve & Cathy Barrow
Madera, CA; Homemaker, PG&E;
Jill Bartee
Williamsport, PA
Trisha R. Barton
Williamsport, PA; Single mom of 3 Teenagers, At-home based business
Janet Bateman
Williamsport, PA; Mother interested in seeing change!
Kirk A. Beck
Riverside, CA
Nancy K. Behnke
Fredericksburg, VA
Stacy L. & Denise Beintker
Fresno, CA; Christian, preschool teacher
Cora Belk
Peoria, IL; Mother of 4, grandmother of 8, independent, fundamental Baptist, crochets/knits etc.
Rev. Michael D. & Linda Bell
Parlier, CA; Elec. Tech.- Preacher/Educator
Darlene E. Benoit
Williamsport, PA
Dorothy Benoy
Visalia, CA
Adam Bernay
Fresno, CA; Grad Student (Rabbinical Studies), Messianic Jew, Republican Liberty Caucus activist
Sandra Beyer
Clovis, CA; Homemaker
Michael & Lisa Bichsel
Turtle Creek, PA; Concerned Homeschooling Christian Parents,
Ralph Biddle
Laverock, PA; Evangelical Christian with 2 teenagers
Teresa Billingsley
Bloomington, IN; Christian mother of two, interested in privately funded scholarships, [email protected]
Darren G. Bishel
Fresno, CA
Nathaneal J. Bishoff
Canal Winchester, OH; [email protected], [email protected]
Milo A. Bishop
Aurora, CO; Consultant-FDA & U.S. Customs Issues
Lisa Blach
Williamsport, PA
Thomas N. Blackwell
Williamsport, PA
Timothy Bloedow
Williamsport, PA; Publisher of The Ottawa Times, a Christian, conservative monthly newspaper
Dr. Carl W. Bogue
Clinton, OH; Pastor, Principal of Westminster Academy - 20 yrs, 4 children, 3 grandchildren
Rick & Laurie C. Bogue
Williamsport, PA; Homemaker, beginning Homeschooler
Angelina Bologna
East Harwich, MA; 18 yr old student, homeschooled for 7 yrs
Estella Y. Bologna
East Harwich, MA; Homeschool Mom
Danielle Boozer
Williamsport, PA
Robert J. Borger
Fort Oglethorpe, GA
Denise W. Boriack, D.V.M.
Williamsport, PA
Ethan Bosch
Colorado Springs, CO; Athlete, single (but engaged), Christian, interested in the Bible, politics, and the outdoors
Sidney Bostian
McLean, VA; Banker, married father of two boys, Presbyterian Elder
Roger Bovee & Connie Bovee
Hooper, UT; Engineer and Homemaker homeschoolers
Alan & Carol Boyd
Williamsport, PA; Homeschool 5 kids
Michael Boyd
Tuscaloosa, AL; Cardiac surgical RN, Presbyterian, enjoys family, mountain biking and reading
James & Maureen Boyes
Coupeville, WA; Host, Christian Education Awareness Network (CEANet); wife and mother, [email protected],
Carol Bratcher
Douglas, GA
Angela & Raymond Breakall
Waco, KY; Holiness family of 5
Don & April Brenneman
Portland, OR; Missionaries based in the U.S., 5 children, 2 parents, Christian, Homeschool
Adam Briggs
Castle Rock, CO; Family of 4, Christian, American Constitution Party
Chris Brink
Oklahoma City, OK; Author (occupation), 5 (family size), Christian (faith), technology, philosophy, law, economics (interests)
Pastor Mike, Roberta & Elizabeth Jean Britton
Lutherville, MD
Lawrence & Judith Broering
Cold Spring, KY
Leon Brooks
Mount Claremont, WA; Computer programmer, married, 2 children + 1-on-way, Christian
Mara Layne Brosius
Williamsport, PA; Homeschooling Mom of 9 years
Pete Brown
Pikeville, TN; Baptist, family of 5, homeschooling children
Susan Browning
Williamsport, PA
Mal Bryan
Stapleton, GA; Business Owner
John & Kim Bryant
Fresno, CA
Sharon R. Bryant
Turlock, CA
M. Brydenthal
Logan, UT; Mother of 3
Joanna Brydges
Stanwood, WA; [email protected]
Stacie Buckingham
Fair Oaks, CA;
John Phillip Buckner
Knoxville, TN; College graduate, educated at home until college, Independent Baptist missionary to Argentina, South America.
Jennifer A. Buehler
Aurora, CO
Burton & Cherie Bugg
North Fork, CA
Tammie Bullard
Tustin, CA
Esther L. Bullock
Norwood, GA
Wallace & Donna Bundy
Frazier Park, CA; Christian school educator & current home school educator
Erik & Mirna Burdan
Clovis, CA; Mother of 3
Stephanie Burke
Pocomoke City, MD; Christian Homeschooling Mom
Joshua J. Burkholder
Tyner, IN
Catherine S. Burnett
La Palma, CA
Dr. Joseph Busey
Red Bluff, CA; Private practice Psychologist, Dad, Stay-at-home Homeschooler Mom
Alan & Wendy Bush
Aspers, PA; Publisher, Home School headlines; Administrator, New Creation Academy; Evaluator, PA Homeschooler, [email protected],
James & Elizabeth Bush
Williamsport, PA
Wesley & Deborah Butler
Silverton, OR; Landscape contractor and music teacher, parents of homeschool graduate, Christian
Kim Caldwell
Williamsport, PA; Married, 3 children
Jeffrey W. Calhoun
Williamsport, PA
Kevin Calhoun
Langley Afb, VA
Christian, Air Force Captain, former "public" school teacher & college instructor, home-schooling family, Sunday School teacher, [email protected]
Michele Call
Ronald E. Calle
East Earl, PA
Group Case Counselor for Christian boys home
David & Laurie Callihan
Liverpool, NY; homeschooled five teenagers simultaneously; Nationally-recognized speakers, Parent-Directed Education/Homeschooling, Authors--The Guidance Manual for Christian Homeschool,; Columnists on and
Deborah C. Campbell
Broomfield, CO; 13 yrs public school teacher; now Homemaker
Dr. Ernest R. Campbell & Fern A. Campbell
Silverton, OR; President, Biblion College-Seminary, Author of commentaries based on the Greek New Testament
Mike Campbell
Greenville, SC; Manager
Traci Campion
River Falls, WI; Homeschooler, former Elementary Teacher
Laura Lee Campos
Sacramento, CA; Home Schooler
Ronald Jay & Inge P. Cannon
Taylors, SC; Education PLUS (Patterning Learning Upon Scripture); author, seminar instructor; home school advocate
Chris & Monica Cardiff
San Jose, CA; [email protected],
Albin Carlson
Fresno, CA; Distributor, 4, Presbyterian
Allan Carlson
Rockford, IL; Howard Center,
Leonard Carlson
Buffalo, MN; Sales, 1 wife, 4 children, Lutheran
Timothy A. Carlson
Williamsport, PA
Vincent & Lynette Casazza
Fresno, CA
Michelle Caskey
Fresno, CA
Nancy Ann Casterline
Denver, CO
Vickie Castillo
Clovis, CA
Tim Cazier
Madera, CA
David Cech & family
Owosso, MI; Born again Christians
Karon M. Cecy
Fresno, CA
Karen L. Chakerian
Williamsport, PA
Richard W. & Marcia Chambers
Willmar, MN
Norman C. Chapman III
Travelers Rest, SC
D. Chatelain
Williamsport, PA; Home Educator
Roxie Cheney
Aurora, CO; Homeschool Mom
Patrick Chkoreff
Atlanta, GA; Computer programmer, married no children, Christian, love history, programming, and working outdoors,
Rick Christ
New Market, VA; Nonprofit Internet Consultant,
Bonnie Christenson
Apple Valley, MN; We homeschool our 3 children because of what they do/don't teach in government schools
Jodi Clark
Nashville, IN; Restaurant Manager, 5 in family, 3 home-schooled, 3rd, 4th & 12th grades, Christian, one child with learning disabilities (3rd grade)
Peggy Clark
Williamsport, PA
Susan Clark
Clovis, CA; Sales Director-MK Cosmetics
Sonja Cleaver
Venango, NE
Allen H. & Marie A. Cline
Westminster, CO; Factory Worker
Joyce Clingerman
Williamsport, PA; Extremely Conservative
Mary Closs
Terra Bella, CA
Rob Coats
South Lake Tahoe, CA; Christian, Self-employed, Homeschooling our 3 sons
John Cobin
Oxnard, CA; Freedom lover, reformed Baptist, pro-life, anti-state,
Garrett & Cheryl Cohee
Colorado Springs, CO; Communications Systems Engineer, Presbyterian
David & Naomi Coletta
Mariposa, CA
Brian D. & Dianne V. Collar
Odessa, FL; Self-employed,
Cynthia Conley
Sanger, CA
Sandy Conley
Sparta, KY
R. K. Connolly
Williamsport, PA; Homeschooler, Mom, Nurse RN
John T. & Desra Conrad
Farmington, MN
Gaspare & Dona Lee Corrao
Melbourne, FL; Retired, Mother, Secretary, 4 sons, Protestant, w/alot of grandkiddies
Patricia Cota
Fresno, CA; Music Teacher
Mary Glenn Couch
North Augusta, SC
Alan Couchman
Leander, TX; Christian, Patriot, Deacon, Father & Husband, [email protected]
The Rev. and Mrs. Perry C. Coghlan II
Fulton, IL; Husband, father, Pastor-Teacher, political & educational activist, [email protected]
Lori L. Cowart
Fresno, CA; Christian mom
Kerry Colleen Cox
Port Huron, MI; Liberal Christian educator, mother of 2, artist, musician & healer
Linda Cram -DECEASED-
Jimmy Creel
Joplin, MO; Software Engineer, Home School Asst Teacher
Sevell & Vanessa Creel
Coalinga, CA
Ann E. Crosmun
Fayetteville, NC; Campbell University student, graduate of homeschooling
Ronald & Sandra T., Daniel & John Crosmun
Fayetteville, NC; Scientist - home educator support system; Believer, homeschooled children for 12 yrs., PhD Chemistry, 10th grade home-schooler
Mrs. Dolores A. Crouch
Los Altos Hills, CA; 6th grade Christian School Teacher
Brian O'Shane Croushore
Aurora, CO
Jon & Kim Crowden
Mantorville, MN
Jayne Crown
Martinez, GA
Kathleen Crownover
Williamsport, PA; Evangelical Christian, Mother of 4
Ann Crum
Conway, AR; Homeschooling, stay-at-home mom, Christian,
Sonja D. Crutcher
Williamsport, PA
David Cullen
Palisades Park, NJ; Christian, former public school teacher(!), husband and father of 2 (1 on the way), computer programmer
William & Antonia Cunningham Jr.
Lake Elsinore, CA; William is Regional Sales Manager/Orthodox Presbyterian Church/Sunday School Teacher/Finished Carpenter/Musician, Antonia also teaches Sunday School, they plan to classically homeschool
Randy & Candie Curtis
Spring Hill, TN; Christian family with 2 children
Richard D. Cushing
Minneapolis, MN
K. Jeffrey Dahlberg
Wayzata, MN; Homeschooling entrepreneur
L. J. Dailey
Williamsport, PA
Joseph Darazsdi
Landing, NJ; U. S. Postal Service
W. D. & Lori Davies
Williamsport, PA; Father, Husband, Dentist
Grant Davis
Lincoln, NE; Christian Liberty loving Constitutionalist and Patriot
Jerelynne Davis
Williamsport, PA
Laura Davis
Williamsport, PA
Mary Davis
Wofford Heights, CA; Keeper of The Home
Dave, Margaret & Eva Dawson
Casper, WY; Homeschooling parents; 16 year old that is proud to be homeschooled! [email protected]
David A. & Janet L. Dawson
Fresno, CA; Janet is public school teacher
Steven & Terrie Dawson
Saint Charles, MO; Christian homeschooled family of 6
Laura Dean-Thebeau
Riverton, UT; Community Homebirth Midwife has 5 children, born again Christian, desires separation of church & state
Sandra Decker
Williamsport, PA; Homeschools 5 kids
Patricia DeGran, CA
Anthony E. Deiss
West Bend, WI; USTP member
Carlos Delfin
Madera, CA
Gina DeVaney
Duluth, MN; State certified teacher in homeschooling
Johanna Dill
Saltillo, MS; Teacher, Pastor's wife, Mother of 4
Larry Dillon
Kingsburg, CA; Sales Rep
Bruce & Cathie Dills
Riverside, CA; Occupation: Network Marketers helping families stay at home, we are Christian Believers, our other interests surround "health & healing," http://www/
Kay Dingley
Williamsport, PA
Cathy Dinguid
Williamsport, PA
Gloria J. Dobbins
Alvaton, KY; Homemaker, homeschool teacher, Christian
Lori A. Domingues
Sanger, CA; Pastor's wife
Tony Dondlinger
Fresno, CA
Bob Double
Ellettsville, IN; Self-employed, Christian, home-schooling father of seven
Rosalie M. Dow
Natchez, MS; Christian author & mother
Lauren Dowling
New Albany, OH; Wife & mother
Gary & Joretta Doyle
Tulare, CA
Deborah Drake
Williamsport, PA; Homeschool Mom
David Driver
Pauls Valley, OK; Occupation: Applications Developer(BS CS), 3 member Family, Messianic Christians
Ruth E. Droll
Williamsport, PA
Dennis Duffy
Youngstown, OH; Christian Minister, pets & photographer
Michelle Duft
Gunnison, CO
Edythe Dugger
Denver, CO; Homemaker, Homeschooler, 3 people in family, Christian, interested in history, astronomy, politics, archeology
Kimberly Dula
Tazewell, VA; Registered Nurse, wife, mother of two, Baptist, Antiques and collectibles on the internet and online auctions
Jannarr M. Durushia
Big Lake, MN
Tracy Marie Dusek
Williamsport, PA
Sherry Early
Williamsport, PA
Diane Eastman
Huntington Beach, CA
David J. Eastwood
Chanhassen, MN
Frances A. Eaton
Oak Forest, IL; State President for Eagle Forum of Illinois, Former Legislative Liaison for Christian Home Educators Coalition
Robert & Jacqui Edelmann
Carbondale, CO; Christian home schooling patriots
Frank F. Edson & Elise M. Edson
Cayce, SC; Frank-former teacher private HS (science & Math), Elise-Home schooling mom for 17 years for 4 daughters
Anne B. Edwards
Williamsport, PA; Homemaker, five children, Christian
Michele Egorov
Fresno, CA; Teacher
Rick L. Eilander
Williamsport, PA
Dwight E. Eldeen
Hanover, PA; Pastor of First Baptist Church; [email protected]
Angela Ellis
Williamsport, PA
Sheila Elsabagh
Williamsport, PA
Bob & Susan Engel
Fresno, CA; Bob is Director of Urban Ministry World Impact
P. Engvalson
Fort Myers, FL; Homeschool Mom
Vivian Epps
Williamsport, PA
Mary Jo Erikson
Clovis, CA; Former race car driver, RIP
Bonnie L. B. Erpelding
Suzy Ervin
Williamsport, PA
Robert Escamilla
Garner, NC; Public HIgh School History Teacher
Betsy Evans
Williamsport, PA
E. Gail & Frances Everett
Anderson, CA; Bible College Professor, Student
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Eversgerd & family
Marion, IN; Husband, father, grandfather, business owner, bible teacher, Cindy is a homemaker
Ruth Ewig
Fairbanks, AK; Former public high school Math teacher
Kenneth Fach
Tallahassee, FL; Christian, one child, bible studies, metaphysics, travel
Dr. Larry C. Falcone N.D., Ph.D.
Apple Valley, MN; Father of 2, anti-denominational Christian,
Elizabeth Farah
Cave Junction, OR; Homeschooler, co-founder,,
Norm & Trish Farnum
Branson, MO; Christian home/church/school & music ministry, [email protected],
David Faulkenberg
Gypsum, CO; Construction
Rick Feldman
Eau Claire, WI
Christine Felgere
Williamsport, PA
Shane & Kelly Ferguson
Couer Dalene, CA
Shelly Ferraro
Williamsport, PA
Gary & Kimberly Ferris
Laceys Spring, AL; Home educators, Reformed & Presbyterian Christians
Val W. Finnell, MD
El Paso, TX; Physician (Pathologist), Church Planter, Vanguard Reformed Church, El Paso, Tx,
Leonard & Catherine Firebaugh
Huntington Beach, CA; Teachers - Algebra on video tape
Connie Fiser
Williamsport, PA
Janice M. Fisher
Williamsport, PA
Charles & Anne Fitch
Wheat Ridge, CO; Homemaker, Artist
Kris Fitzgerald
Pinnacle, NC; Unschooling, Christian, Stay-at-home mother, Wife, University Student
Rhonda Flack
Williamsport, PA
Diane Flanagan
Williamsport, PA
DonAnn Flautz
Fresno, CA; Christian Mother
Rodney A. Flohr
Portage, IN
Scott M. Flom
Eden Prairie, MN
Adolph & Florence Flores
Williamsport, PA
Kathy Flores
Fresno, CA
Dave & Kimberly Floyd
Sault Ste Marie, MI; We have three boys and are Christians, we are actively involved in hockey, we have been home schooling for 5 years
Frederick C. Foote, Esq
East Lansing, MI; Homeschooling father, [email protected]
Bruce C. Ford
Williamsport, PA; Independent Living-Country Life Rules
Carla Ford
Morgan Hill, CA; Christian, American, Mom, http://[email protected]
Gail Forrest
Williamsport, PA
Dan & Maria Foster
Williamsport, PA; Independant paralegal/homeschooler
Marshall & Dana L. Foster
Thousand Oaks, CA; Pres., Mayflower Institute, American Christian Tours. Author, The Battle for the 21st Century
Charles Fowler, Jr.
Colorado Springs, CO; Non-Denominational Church Planter,
Jess & Angela Frampton
Fresno, CA
Andrea Franklin
Auberry, CA; Parent/Family Advocate,
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Frantz
Chula Vista, CA; Minister
Debbie Frasier
Sharon Springs, KS
Cindy Freeman
Fresno. CA
Richard Fricks
Boaz, AL; Attorney, Christian, Libertarian, King James advocate
Eric R. & Sherri L. Friedrich
Williamsport, PA
Todd & Beth Fries
Visalia, CA; Homemaker
Norman Frost
Piermont, NH; Divorced father of 3 with some religious background, Presently works at handling electronic documents for preflight division of a large printer
Valerie L. Fugleberg
Avon, MN
James Fuhrer
Casper, WY
M. Holly Furgason
Williamsport, PA; Founder of Houston Unschoolers group & Linguist
Sharon Furlong
Huntsville, AL; Homeschooling family of 4, Methodist/Baptist
Viola A. Fyall
Greenville, SC
Olivia D. Gale
Fresno, CA
Petra Galvan
Williamsport, PA; Homeschooling mom
Carmell Gamble
Spokane, WA; Baptist homeschooling mother of two of my own and one of another, am interested in making my children good citizens of society, someone I will always be proud of
Mrs. Derreth Piper Garcia
Norwalk, CA
Kim Gardner
Glendale, AZ; Truck driver, Republican, evangelical Christian, conservative
Carol B. Garrett
Lanett, AL; Housewife
Alan W. Garrison
Clovis, CA
Melissa F. Garrison
Williamsport, PA
Angelic Garvin
Williamsport, PA
Stan & Nikki Geist
Fresno, CA; Human Resources at CA Dairies
Tom & Barbara Gerecke
Fresno, CA
Janet Gerla
Climax, MN; Homemaker, homeschooling mom
Dennis P. German
Newport News, VA; Para-professional, Bible believing, Christian musician, head of home school family, [email protected]
Rev. Dr. Gus & Rita Giannello
Oshawa, ON; Pastor, Covenant Reformed Church (RPCGA), Professor at Whitefield Seminary
George W. Gibson
Prosperity, SC; Body Tech
Anthony L. Gilbert
Lemoore, CA; U.S. Navy Pilot
Dianne Gilbert
Epping, NH; Engineering Project Mgr., Christian-Chairman NH Center for Constitutional Studies
Gingras family
Florence, KY; RN,
Ann Glass
Glenmont, OH; Public School Administrator, homeschooling own child, Christian family interested in supporting independent & home schools
Dianne Glenville
Bradenton, FL; Home business, 2 children, Evangelical Free Church, my children are my hobbies and interests
Chandra Glover
Windsor, SC
Anne Gluch
Chino Hills, CA; Education advocate
Doug & Deborah Godby
Cantonment, FL; Military, 5, Baptist
Debbie Goertzen
Hanford, CA
Jim & Maureen Gold
Englewood, CO; Mfg Rep
Pat Goltz
Tucson, AZ; Cofounder, Feminists for life (identification purposes only), [email protected],
Mark & Jonnie Gomez
Ogden, UT; Home Educators of 3
Janelle Gong
Chester M. Goodale
Fresno, CA; Chester & Julie both teachers
Pamela G. Goodale
Windham, ME; Serving Our Lord wherever He leads, Residential Care Aid
Laura Goodrum
Williamsport, PA
G. Patrick & H. Kristin Gragan
Reno, OH; Patrick is a missionary to juvenile prisons and a police officer, Kristin is a homeschooling mother, we have two boys, we attend an independent Baptist church
Christa Grajcar
Hillsdale, NJ; Homemaker, Homeschooling Mother of 4
Robert W. Gamble II
Carlton, MN
Duane Grassell
Mogadore, OH; 22 yr educator, Protestant Christian, have Ed.D.
Charles Gravenhorst
Concord, NH; Pastor-Ministry of the Upward Look,
Owen C. & Margie Gray
Silver City, NM; Self-employed Contractor
Ben & Shari Graydon
Travelers Rest, SC; Businessman, writer, homeschooler, community, [email protected]
Carl D. & Nancy A. Green
Williamsport, PA
Noelle Greene
Turlock, CA; Teacher
Nelson Joseph Greene, Jr.
Mount Joy, PA; Collections Specialist, Church of Christ, Conservative Southern American
Dave Gregg
Bloomfield, IN; Preacher, 17 yrs. old, family of 4, Missionary Baptist, web-design
Sherri Gregory
Clovis, CA; Homeschooler
Catherine E. A. Griffin
Williamsport, PA
Laurel P. & Anita M. Griffith
Jersey Shore, PA; 21 yrs public school teacher, principal, former public school music teacher, home school advocate
Michael & Denise Groebner
Princeton, MN
Joseph Jr. & Janet Gruchaez
Visalia, CA; Joseph teaches private school
Anthony & Erika Gueli
Hancock, MI; Anthony is Assistant Mgr in a print shop, Erika a homemaker, Christian parents of 1 child
Paul & Tracy Guest
Visalia, CA; Technical director Victory Christian Fellowship
Janice Guiterrez
Coalinga, CA; Mother/Keeper of The Home
David & Donna Gulley
Williamsport, PA
Bonnie J. Gustafson
Bothell, WA; Small Business Owner, Homeschool 2 of 5 kids
Maria Guy
Crescent City, CA; Children's Ministry and Teacher Assistant
David D. Hagstrom
Williamsport, PA
Terry Hahm
New Berlin, WI; Business owner, parent
Sanadroug & Fahima Hajian
Sanger, CA
Melissa Hakin
Gardner, KS; Stay home mom of three, Nazarene, starting home schooling because we could no longer afford private christian school
Don & Suzanne Hall
Los Angeles, CA; Retired teacher, Contractor, members of the Church of Scientology, proud grandparents, all of whom do very well in private schools now
Marilyn Hall
Raleigh, NC; home educator, 3 children, 2 inlaw children, 4 grandchildren, I have a personal relationhip with Jesus Christ, and I love to play the piano
Shawn & Annette Hall
Fair Oaks, CA; Computer programming, Homeschooling advocates, Legislative Monitoring Chairman, California Homeschool Network,
Tondi Hall
Clarksville, TN; Christian, homeschooling parent
Donn Hallman
Huntington Beach, CA; Development Director, St. Anne School, starting Home School Concert Band
Frank & Ann Hamann
Orange, CA; Multifaceted Christian, John Birch Society, Home School, hang glider pilot, activist, engineer, [email protected],
Jeff & Paula Hamilton
Clovis, CA; Geologist
Mr. & Mrs. Joel C. Hammond
Jefferson, GA; Salesman, Contractor, Bible teacher, American History buff
Katherine L. Hancock
Duarte, CA; Retired government teacher, activist, homeschooler
Elizabeth Hanes
Westminster, CO; Homemaker, 2 children, Southern Baptist
Ronald Hansen Sr.
Bourbonnais, IL; Foodservice Salesman, Free-Evangelical Affiliation
Paula M. Harabedian
Eric Lance & Kelli Hardcastle
Williamsport, PA; Parents of 4 sons
Gary, Carole & Grace Hargraves
Harrison, TN; Homeschooling parents of six children, Gary is a Mechanical Engineer and Grace is a student
Clyde J. Harkins
Aurora, CO; Partically retired/talk show caller
Pam Harkleroad
Williamsport, PA
Georgia M. Harlow
Thaxton, VA; Retired, goes to school board meetings
Vicki Harmon
Turlock, CA; School teacher K-8 ESL
Dorris Harper
Reedley, CA; Mother
Alan & Lori Harris
Fillmore, CA; Owners Landmark Distributors, columist, Ventura County Chairman, American Independent Party, [email protected],
Cathy Harris
Phoenix, AZ; Home school mother of 6; church nursery coordinator, Evangelical Bible Church
Gregg Harris
Gresham, OR; Christian Life Workshops, Noble Publishing Assoc
Randy Harris
Broken Arrow, OK; Flight instructor, Baptist, amateur radio, writes column "Save Our Sovereignty" for local paper, NRA member & gun owner
Raymond, Mary, Christine, & Stephen Harris
Schertz, TX; Raymond-Christian, cobol programmer, webmaster, Mary-Christian, at home Mom
Jane A. Harrison
Williamsport, PA; Retired Teacher, Mom of 7
Russ Harvey
Ridgway, CO; Builder, no children, Christian
Barbara Haugen
Cedar City, UT; Housewife/Christian
Barbara Hayes
Williamsport, PA
Lisa Haynes
Fairhope, AL
Robert Haywood
Huntingdon Valley, PA; Mennonite church organist, tuba player in the Fats Montanna Dixieland Band, married with a 13 year old daughter, non-denominational Christian, dues paying member of Republican and Libertarian Parties
Laurel & Ken G. Heaton, Jr.
Los Banos, CA; Dentist, Wife, mother & homeschooler
Tracey Hedge
Clovis, CA
Stacie Heffield
Sandy, UT; Computer Consultant
Sandee Heineman
Saint Paul, MN; Mentor for 250 home-based schools
Mary E. Heinking
Williamsport, PA
Denise Heinrichs
Kingsburg, CA
Kathleen Heintzelman
Hazel Green, AL; Family of 8, baptist
Paul M. Helhowski
Baltimore, MD
John F. Helwig
Nauvoo, IL; Home educator, libertarian and Christian, [email protected],
Steve Hempfling
Clovis, CA; Director, Free Enterprise Society
Brian & Dawn Henderson
Taylor Mill, KY; Parents of 4 homeschoolers & in piano sales
Linda J. Hendrix
Williamsport, PA
Elissa Henry
Las Vegas, NV; Christian Unschooling mom, [email protected],
Trinidad Hernandez
Williamsport, PA
Henry & Lola Hester
Travelers Rest, SC
Martha Hester
Greer, SC; Principal, Dominion Christian Academy
Matthew Hester
Greer, SC; Teacher & youth pastor
Diane M. Hiber
Hanford, CA
David V. Hicks
Rome, GA; Author, Norms and Nobility
Mark Higdon
Columbus, OH; Political consultant, father of 2 grown children, Roman Catholic
Glenn Hill
Williamsport, PA; Homeschooling Father of 8 yrs
Robert Hill
Cincinnati, OH; Career mechanical designer, father of three, Christian, Southern Confederate heritage, favorite relevant quote: "I could not wait to finish school so that my education could begin" - Mark Twain
Jeffrey Hillman
Newport News, VA; Christian parent, homeschooler
Karin M. Hillman
Williamsport, PA
Lisa A. Hiott
Greenville, SC; Homeschooling family
Joan Hixon
Williamsport, PA; Homemaker, homeschooling 8 yr old
Krista Hockert
Colorado Springs, CO
John H. Hodge, Sr.
Bertha, MN
Maria G Hodges
Waxhaw, NC
Pastor Theo Hoekstra
Neerlandia, AB; Pastor, United Reformed Church in North America, homeschooling father of five
Linda Holder
Williamsport, PA
Michael & Annette Holloway
Yorktown, VA; Research Computer Engineer interested in theology, history, law & education,
Marilyn Holme
Minneapolis, MN
Elizabeth Holt
Memphis, TN; Homeschooling, Christian SAHM
Clavonne J. Holter
Rochester, MN
Paralee Homewood
Conyers, GA; Homemaker, wife, Christian, golfer
Janis D. Hoover
Apopka, FL; Christian wife, homemaker, mother, grandmother
Bob & Tacey Hopper
Gibsonia, PA; Pastor; Home Educator, Doctoral Candidate (gifted education), Stay-home-mother, Josh McDowell Mission ot Russia, [email protected]
Bonnie J. Horn
Lodi, CA; Home school mom, Sunday School Teacher, [email protected]
Ellen Jane Horn & Shawna Fae Powell
Clarendon, TX; Former homeschoolers
Verna Hornbaker
Riverdale, CA
Paul W. Hornung
Landrum, SC; Retired pastor
Alice & Jasmine D. Horton
Williamsport, PA
Mark Horton
Bakersfield, CA; Engineer, 4 children, Christian
Scott & Tara Horton
Sanger, CA; Scott is a Low Voltage Technician & Tara is a Consultant
Christine Houle
Scandia, MN; Homeschooler
Gail Howard
East Smethport, PA; SAHM, HSM, LPN, Bapticostal
Marguerite Howard
Williamsport, PA
Penny G. Howard
Williamsport, PA
Deborah F. Howell
Williamsport, PA
Diane Howell
Fort Plain, NY; Works as medical transcriptionist at home, belongs to Fords Bush Bible Church, 3 children, 1 in college, 2 in Christian School, home schooling the youngest age 13
Mark G. Huber
Brooklyn Center, MN; Executive Director Youth Ministry
Wade Hulcy
Anna, TX
Jessica Hulcy
Anna, TX; Home school advocates, speaker, columnist
Tim & Lynette Hunger
Williamsport, PA
Doug Hurd
Garland, TX; Retired sales, Episcopalian
Dale Husted
Mount Vernon, OH; Engineer, 4 homeschooled children, Christian
EveAnna Hutchison Roberts
Vici, OK; Webpage Designer, New Bride of 5 months, Member of the Church of Christ
William & Sandra Hyde
Monroe, NC; Parents of 2 children who have never been happier or more at peace since taking son out of school and homeschooling
Ken Ii
Colorado Springs, CO; Computer Consultant
Johanna Isome
Salt Lake City, UT; Homeschooler of 2
Jan Jackson
Williamsport, PA; Stay at home Mom
Kim Jackson
Colorado Spgs, CO
Lynda Jackson
Kingsburg, CA
Nita Jackson
Casper, WY
Susan H. Jackson
Williamsport, PA; Mother of Many
Anna & Lizzie Jacobsen
Sanger, CA; Students
Karen Jamison
Williamsport, PA
Raymond D. & Joanne M. Janus
Ravenel, SC; Joanne is a teacher
Jolinda Jarvis
Gardnerville, NV; Homeschooling SAHM of 2 boys, one with special needs, Christian, [email protected]
Tammi Jarvis
Williamsport, PA
Michael & Denise Jaszcak
Hector, MN
Dora Jaurequin
Carman Jefferson
Taylors, SC
Sabrina Jennings
Clovis, CA
Libby Jensen
Brooklyn Park, MN; Stay-at-home mother of three, Christian, considering home schooling due to concerns of public school curriculum
Renee M. Jeska
Rockford, MN
Paul A. Jessen
Colorado Springs, CO; Former public high school speech arts teacher
Bryan Jewett-Winter
Madera, CA; Self employed
Anna Johnson
San Jose, CA; Private school teacher
Bert & Grace Johnson
Lake Lillian, MN
Mr. & Mrs. Chester Johnson
Greenville, SC; Christian, Pro-lifer, Prohibitionist
Eric & Teresa Johnson
Williamsport, PA
Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan R. Johnson
Hager City, WI; BS, 25 years Nuclear Power Training, 12 yr homeschooler, 9 children, 3 graduated
Pearl Johnson
Prior Lake, MN
Susan M. Johnson
Baton Rouge, LA
Theodore C. Johnston
Houston, TX
Fran Jolly
Houston, TX; Two children, active members of Second Baptist Church and local Cub Scout Pack
Cleopatra Jones
Fresno, CA
Faydra Jones
Houston, TX; Mom of 4
Helen L. A. Jones
Mc Cormick,SC; Homeschool Teacher
Jill R. Jones
Colorado Spgs, CO
Harold Jordan
Chattanooga, TN; Missionary to COOBER PEDY, SOUTH AUSTRALIA,
Harold & Renee Jordan
Ringgold, GA; Church Planter, Preacher, Homeschool Mom, [email protected]
Christina Jorski
Katy, TX
Wayne & Teresa Joyce
Jacksonville, FL; Home Educators, [email protected]
Dawn Jurzec
Waukegan, IL; Administrative Assistant, single mom of one son, Baptist
Mary S. Kamas
Franklin, TX
Terry & Kay Kamp
Euless, TX; Both work for School of Tomorrow (formerly Accelerated Christian Education), a publisher of individualized curriculum for schools and homeschoolers
Martin Kamps
Spring Creek, NV; Christian, [email protected]
Lori Karlik
Albertville, MN; Pro-Life, Pro-Gun, Christian, Patriot
Kim Kayser
West Olive, MI; Home educator for ten years
Mark S. & Francine J. Keehnel
Fresno, CA; Homeschooler
Susanne Kehler
Visalia, CA
Bryant Keller
Gilbert, AZ; Homeschooler
Darlene Rae Kelly
Hanford, CA
Kent F. Kelly
Windom, MN; Police Officer - B.S. Physical Education
Paula Kelly
Deatsville, AL; Christian homeschoolers
Ingeborg G V Kendall
La Verne, CA; Author of School at Home: Teach Your Own Child
Kathy Kennedy
League City, TX
Wendy Kershar
Clovis, CA
Ryan Kidd
North York, ON; Software Engineer, Social Activist, Reconstructionist, Student of Objective Biblical Revelation,
James B. Kiel
Aurora, CO
Bob Kiesinger
Mexico, NY; Christian American Activist
Debbie Kilgore
North Augusta, SC
Cornell & Faafoi
Kincade, APO AP; Homeschool mom, Maranatha Baptist Church
Tim & Luanna Kirback
Romulus, MI; Christian health care professional, Youth Pastor/Homeschooler, [email protected],
Frances Dawn Kirby & Matthew Kirby
Simpsonville, SC
Bernard J. Kirk
Clovis, CA
Mandy Kirk
Warrensburg, MO; Parent/college student, Christian mother of 3 planning to homeschool
Norman Kitchen
Clinton Township, MI; Music teacher/organist, interests include mountaineering & gamesmithy, [email protected],
Sheryll Kjos
Zimmerman, MN
Janet Klarich
Ballwin, MO; Former public school teacher, music
Richard L. Kline, Jr.
Houston, TX; Engineer, Father of 3
Deborah Klose
Prather, CA
Derek & Luanne Kneeskern
Truckee, CA; Christian, homeschholing mom, writer (Biblical Family Life), [email protected]
Renee D. Konatsu
North Fork, CA; RN
Randy Koontz
Rogers, AR; Investment Broker, Wife and 4 children, Fellowship Bible Church
Edward A. & Elizabeth J. Kornkven
Colorado Springs, CO; Computer Scientist/Software Engineer
Shane & Mary Korte
Star, ID; Christian, Unschoolers, Electrician and Homemaker,
Elizabeth H. Kostrikin
Fresno, CA
Paul Kovach
Tyler, TX; Retired father of three grown, homeschool/Christian school educated daughters, grandfather of one boy just beginning learning, sadly, in government kindergarten
Edward Kozlowsky
Sanford, ME; Mechanical Design Engineer/Baptist Pastor
Rebecca A. Krejci
Houston, TX
Marvin Z. Krueger
Warrington, PA; Missionary
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Krumal
Huber Heights, OH; Young, Bible believing Christian couple who plans to homeschool children, [email protected]
Rachel Kruschke
Sonora, CA
Cindy Kucharski
Fort Myers, FL; RN, homeschooler
Rand Kuhl
San Diego, CA
Mary Kuykendall
Austin, TX; Orthodox Christian homeschooler
Sarah La Nier
Sonora, CA
Dorothy Ann Lackey
Aurora, CO
William George & Carol A. Lackey
Plymouth, MN; Minister, Missionary mom, retired public school teacher, homeschool teacher
Ranae Lammle
Eden Prairie MN; Editor, single, Lutheran, English tutor for homeschoolling family
Kathy Lane
Reedley, CA
Tom Laney
Odessa, TX; Homeschooler; former public school teacher; church music director, [email protected]
Troy LaPlante
Smithfield, NC; Video Engineer, Christian
Wendy Larner
Ojai, CA; Mother, grandmother, homeschool advocate, former 5 yrs Ventura Cty School Board, now on Christian school board
Kelly Larsen
Eau Claire, WI; Single woman, Math/science/language tutor, follower of Jesus Christ, [email protected]
Jane Layton
Fairfax, VA; Home Schooler
Mary Lee
Saint Paul, MN
Robert & Mary Leggewie
Twin Peaks, CA; Homeschool Mom, Hostess of homeschool web site at, Robert is a Medical Transcriptionist,
Diane Legler
Cohasset, MN
J. Lehman
LaPorte, TX
Cindy & Candice Leierer
Fresno, CA; 5 children, homeschoolers, Independent Fundamental Baptist
Ben & Robin Lester
Athens, GA; Wife and husband, no children yet, reformed Presbyterian
Bradley & Lois Lewis
Crittenden, KY; Brad is a computer Engineer & Lois is an RN/Homemaker
Gene Lewis
Fresno, CA
Tom Lewis
Gilbert, AZ; State Home School Leader
Robert D. & Robin Liebersohn
Williamsport, PA; Automotive instructor at community college, Homemaker
George & Margaret Lincoln
Fresno, CA
Jeannie Lindh
Saint Paul, MN
Paul D. Lindstrom & Florence M. Lindstrom
Arlington Heights, IL; Superintendent of schools Christian Liberty Academy, Florence is a former Public School Teacher, former Christian School Teacher, now a Grandma,
Jeanine Little
Porter, TX
Linda Lohse-Lange
Urbandale, IA; Teacher since 1978, homeschooled only son, artist, writer, former museum director, Christian Scientist
Richard E. Long
Lexington Park, MD, Homeschooling Family
Teresa Lopez
Tulare, CA, Child Care Provider
Curt Lovelace
Groton, MA, Pastor, Journalist, former Public School Teacher, father of 2 homeschool graduates,
Lorraine Lovelady
Ogden, UT; Home educator of 5
Tim & Stephanie Low
Henderson, NV; Christian Homeschooling family, Self-employed, blended family
Carol Lowther
Mesa, AZ; Homeschool Mom
Carl G. Loy
Rising Fawn, GA; Real Estate Broker/Contractor, Baptist, interested in returning nation to a constitutional government.
Lorena & Frances Lozano
Clovis, CA
Stephen Lunsford
Allen, TX
Deborah Luper
Anchorage, AK
Willard G. Lyman, Ph.D.
Pelham, MA; Former Teacher Univ. of Mass.
Clifford N. & Clifford William MacDonald
Inver Grove Heights, MN; Civil Engineer
Mary Machado
Sterling, VA; Realtor, 1 child, Methodist, artist, local Republican committee
Ginger MacIsaac
Clovis, CA
Steven R. & Ginger Magee
Greeley, CO; Credentialed teacher now housewife - home schooling
Ron Magnus
Colorado Springs, CO; Homeschooler, Self-employed, life member of NRA, member National Right to Work committee
Brad Majors
Fresno, CA
Bonnie Malinowski
Friendship, MD; Homeschooler of 4 kids, Christian
Pam Mangum
New Waverly, TX
Kathleen Mansfield
Leander, TX
Brandi N. Marable
Hanford, CA; Brandi is a teenager
Kelly C. Marberry
Kirbyville, TX
Jacob Martin
Fresno, CA; Student
Richard A. Marks
Boynton Beach, FL; Self-employed Private Investigator, Christian, Libertarian, Constitutionalist, [email protected],
Norman & Cathy Marsh
Utica, NY; Homeschool parents, artist, musician, youth pastors
Benjamin Elias & Monica S. Martin
Dickinson, TX
Tracy & Melodee Martin
Bluffdale, UT; Christian homeschooling family
Joseph A. Martinez
Atascadero, CA; Church Elder, Electric Lineman, Home School Parent
Joshua R. Martinez
Katy, TX
Neil Martinez
Whiting, NJ; Home Schooling Father
Stephen Mashburn
Wichita, KS
Brad Mashore
Concord, CA; Private School Teacher
Raymond J. Mastroberte
East Stroudsburg, PA
Tina Matas
Brandon, FL; Christian conservative homeschooling stay-at-home mom
Ray S. Mathems
Sugar Land, TX
Terri Mathes
Decatur, IL; Christian homemaker
Pat & Caryl Matrisciana
Hemet, CA; Pat is a film maker and Caryl is a Homemaker/Homeschooler
Edward & Judith Matta
Los Osos, CA; Matta Tax & Bookkeeping, we have Orthodox Christian mission, [email protected]
Paul & Lorraine Matte
Lima, NY; Past President, New York State Loving Education At Home, Inc.
Catherine E. Maupin
Annette Mayer
Fresno, CA; Homemaker
John Mayer
West Bloomfield, MI; Financial planner, Christian,
Dana & Kelsie Mayfield
Las Vegas, NV; We are a Christian family of five
Mary Ellen & John McCaffrey
Santa Barbara, CA; Mother of 6, former private school teacher, now self-employed
Patrick McCartney
Rancho Cordova, CA; Office Asst., single parent of 3, So. Baptist Convention, research & investigation, writing, singing, dancing, guitar, nature walks & playing with my children,
Rebecca McClendon
Cullman, AL; Married, homeschooling mom of 5 presently (hopefully more), Southern Baptist, like to read
Pamela McConnell
Dayton, PA; I drive school bus, my husband drives truck, together we have 6 children, one child is being home schooled, 3 are in public school, one has graduated from public school and one is a toddler, we are Christians
Jim McCready
Ozark, AL; Retired Army, Christian School Teacher (14 yrs), Home School Advocate
Kathi McCree
Kemah, TX; Physician
Darryl McCullough
Grants, NM; Minister
William McDonald
Dallas, TX; Retired, homeschool family since 1979 (4 kids homeschooled), Christian, Past Executive Director of Missouri Families for Home Education (FHE)
James C. & Michele McEntire, Jr.
Freeport, TX
Douglas & Mary Lou McKay
Richmond Hill, GA; Christian, Housedad, Gator chemist, future homeschooler,
Kathryn McKee
Knoxville, TN; Homeschool Umbrella Coordinator
Jodi McKeever
Tampa, FL; Unschooling Mother of 3 who loves reading and spending time with her children
Kenneth W. McKown
Mount Calm, TX; Christian pro-life, pro-family advocate
S. R. & Brienne McLendon
Angleton, TX
Andrew McMillan
Big Creek, CA; Supervising Hydrographer/Homeschooling Father
Chad & Janet McMillan
Greer, SC
John Medares
Fairfax Station, VA; Real Estate
Timothy L. Meers
Houston, TX; Government Employee, Arabic Translator, Christian
Karen Meinicke
Sanger, CA
Donald Melear
Houston, TX
Timothy & Patricia Mercier
Mahomet, IL
Randall & Renee Meredith
Rincon, GA; I am a homemaker, my husband works in construction, we have 2 children, 15 and 13, I am a pentacostal preacher, and have home-taught my children for 5 years
Shawn Meuth
Brazoria, TX; Homeschooling mom
Mark, Ann, Susan & Alan Meyer
Kerman, CA; General Contractor, Housewife & students
Shannon Meyers
Shepherd, TX; Homeschooling mother of 4
Steve Meyers
Long Beach, CA; Assistant pastor
Christine J. Milbourn
Houston, TX
Charles F. Miller, Jr.
Mauriceville, TX; Minister, music teacher, worship leader, home school parent
Richard & Denise Miller
Snellville, GA
Scot Miller
Billings, MT; Commodity broker
Robyn Miller
Billings, MT; Former public school teacher, current home school mother of four, School Sakharov since 1996
Tena E. Miller
Anoka, MN
David C. Miner
Raleigh, NC
Fred & Celia Minix
Fairfax Station, VA; Homeschooling father of two and pastor of Good News Baptist Church, Alexandria, VA
Carmi J. Mintz
Millville, CA; Christian School Kindergarten Teacher, Music, Interpretive Worship Dancer
Michael Mitchell
Anchorage, AK; Teacher and Minister of Non-Denominational Christian Fellowship,
Diann Mobley
Corpus Christi, TX; Homeschool Mom
David Moffett
Wichita, KS; Engineer
Erik Montemer
Columbia, MO; Network Engineer, Christian
Devin Moon
Napa, CA
E. Ray Moore, Jr.
Columbia, SC; Chaplain (Lt.Col.), US Army Reserve, Director, Exodus 2000,
James Moore
Carterville, IL; Attorney
Kathy Moose
Woodside, CA
Shauna M. More
Winnebago, MN; Self-employed, mother of 3, rural
Laura Moreau
Lakewood, CA; House wife, 5 children, Christian, My interests: my kids, reading, sewing, reading, reading, History or Discovery channel
Tom Moreland
Kingston, WA; Parent/Grandparent
Carol J. Moreno
Robert L. Moritz
Colorado Spgs, CO
Larry, Kimberly & Sarah Morrell
Kalamazoo, MI; Statistician, Bible Believing Christian
Shawnee Morton
Redkey, IN; Christian homeschooling mother of two
James S. & Cyndi Mossburg
Pearland, TX; Wife, Mother, Homeschooling Mom
Debra M. Moster
Madera, CA; Homeschooling Mom
Eric & Darla Mote
Colorado Springs, CO; Sports, politics, computers
Leah H. Motes
Augusta, GA
Houa & Julie Moua
Fresno, CA
W. Mowles
Anthony and Jill Mullins
Woodbridge, VA; Christian parents that home school a special needs child, Paramedic and Photographer
Mark Munroe
Auckland; Homeschooled 5 children, member of Reformed Presbyterian Church
Tamara L. Murch
Santa Maria, CA
Jeff Murrah
La Porte, TX; Self-employed Counselor, Member-League of the South
Mike and Alice Muscanero
Baraboo, WI; Former Public School Teachers, Home Schoolers, Devoted Christians
Dennis R. Muster
Clovis, CA; Home schooling father of six; pastor of Sovereign Grace Baptist Church; pro-US Constitution
Darcy Myers
Jeffrey L. Myers
Dayton, TN
David & Kimberly Nall
Middleburg, FL; Housewife, Homeschooling Mom, Baptist Sunday school teacher and student
Ronald Nash
Oviedo, FL
Timothy D. Nations
Kailua, HI; Airline pilot
Raymond R Neal
Warren, RI
Lynnetta Neeland
Houston, TX
Alison K. Nelson
New Brighton, MN
Debra Nelson
Fresno, CA
Delane Nelson
New Richland, MN
Nels Nelson
Fort Collins, CO; Farmer, 8, Presbyterian
Daniel Neukomm
Adairsville, GA; Homeschooler, father of 3, Christian
Jose Nevarez
Fresno, CA; Air Conditioning Mechanic
Denise E. Nichols
The Woodlands, TX
Kevin Nichols
Visalia, CA
Dr. David Noebel
Manitou Springs, CO; President, Summit Ministries
Scott & Clarissa L. Nordbye
ONeals, CA
Scott Norvell
Fresno, CA; Public School Teacher - 14 yrs.
Sharon Nusunginya
Soldotna, AK; Christian homeschooling mother, wife, jewelry designer, nutritional supplement distributor, political activist
Corrie Oakley
Fort Knox, KY
Patrick H. & Jean M. & Kathleen O'Brien
Denver, CO; Homeschool parents, Junior in College
Terry Ocheltree
Fresno, CA; Air Conditioning Mechanic
Michael & Charlet O'Connor
Hollister, CA; Fireman/Homemaker
Tamara Ogilvie
Paul & Debbie O'Hara
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
Eric O'Keefe
Spring Green, WI; Father of three, Investor
Amy Olee
Augusta, GA
Dave Olney
Whittier, CA; Manager of Audio Tape Company
Judi Olson
Cambridge, MN
Michael & Debra K. Olson
Houston, MN; Christian, wife, stay-at-home mother
Randy E. & Mary Orbeck
Paynesville, MN; Postal Contractor
Harry N. & Leslie A. Osborne
Lutz, FL; Minister, Wife
Nancy O'Toole
Cohasset, MA; Retired
Dick Otterstad
Albany, CA; Publisher, Christian Parent Newsletter, Exodus 2000 advocate, former voucher supporter, home school advocate,
Ralph Ovadal
Monroe, WI; Father of four, homeschooler, pastor, Christ the King Church of Monroe, Christian activist, radio and television talk-show host
John Overstreet
Fresno, CA; Christian, parent, homeschooler
Betty Owens
Houston, TX
S. Ronald Owens
Roanoke, VA; Real Estate Broker
R. Joel Ownby, Jr.
Knoxville, TN; Christian, electrician, conservatives, hates the United Nations, loves homeschooling, [email protected]
Tammara Packard
Fresno, CA; Former public teacher.
Dan Paden
Tulsa, OK; Machinist from Oklahoma, Southern Baptist, political independent
Jaylin Palacio
Woodburn, OR; Home Educator with 2 children, Christian
Teresa M. Park
Spring, TX; Lost and Found
Marianne Parker
Homosassa, FL; Housewife, homeschooling mom, and servant of our Lord Jesus Christ
Julie Parrott
Camden, SC; Homemaker with 2 children, Devout, conservative christian
Nancy C. Parry
Liverpool, NY; Missions
Jodi Pasqua
Clovis, CA; Mom
Leslie A. Pasquini
Springfield, MA; Health Care, Home School Teacher
Steven & Cheryl Passantino
Kirkland, WA; Christian, devoted husband, father of 3 boys, Republican PCO - 47th district
Mary Passwaters
FL; Stay at home mother of 2, ordained Minister, believes there is no better way for her children to learn than her guidance
Heather Patrick
Tigard, OR; Patriotic, Christian family praying for the healing of America
John Patterson
Monroeville, PA
Mary Jo Patterson
Fayetteville, GA; Co-Director of Georgia Home Education Association
Teresa Patterson
Seneca, SC; Single, Christian Mom w/ teenage daughter, Homeschooler
Andrew T. & Carol A. Patton
Crownsville, MD; Mother, Nikken distributor (magnets)
Jason R. & Marie Paul
Fresno, CA; Geologist
Carrie Paulson
Hill Air Force Base, UT; Mother of 4
Joseph S. Payne II
Muskegon, MI; Business reporter, novelist, Protestant, marksman & grandfather
Jeff & Kim Pearson
Alamosa, CO; Jeff is self-employed, Kim is in the medical field, parents of 3 children who are homeschooled, members of No. American Christian Council
Lance Peek
Clovis, CA
Lin Pelle
League City, TX
Tanya Pendergrass
Lake Isabella, CA; Mom & Teacher
Billie Penick
Fairborn, OH; Homeschooler, On fire for the Lord
Daniel Penna
Oregon City, OR; Head Custodian Public HS, family of 5, Baptist, writing, hiking
Gerald & Mary Penner
Richmond, VA; Christian grandparents of homeschoolers
Russell S. Penner
Hamilton, NY; Mathematics Teaching Assistant; Syracuse University
Jeffrey Pennington
Wales, WI; Minister of Lakeside Presbyterian Church, homeschoolers
Daniel Penuna
Fresno, CA; Construction
Carre Perry
Houston, TX; Mother
Arden B. Peters
Lake Stevens, WA; University Rep. - Bob Jones University
James Peters
Anoka, MN
Tanya Peters
Anoka, MN
Douglas & Renee Peterson
Carnation, WA; Network Consultant; Homemaker
Randy & Leslie Peterson
Erlanger, KY; Home Schoolers
Wayne & Samya Peterson
Duluth, MN
Marilee Petticrew
Missouri City, TX
Duane Pew
Dinuba, CA
Linda Pfeifer
Champlin, MN; Homeschooler
Howard Phillips
Vienna. VA; Conservative Caucus; 2000 Presidential Candidate of U.S. Taxpayers Party
Jodi W. Pierce
Blair, OK
Christopher Plante
Houston, TX
Douglas E. Platt
Grapeland, TX
Silvia Plumb
Clovis, CA
Wanita L. Poisson-Plew
Hubbell, MI; Homeschooling mother of 4, interested in activism, reading & sewing
Candice Pollack
Magna, UT; Attorney & Songwriter
Angela Ponce
Fresno, CA; Retail
Gloria Pope
Bakersfield, CA; Mom
Linda J. Popovich
Chester, VA
Denise Porter
Newcomerstown, OH; We are relatively new Christians seeking to learn and live----and to pass on to our daughter a biblical worldview, We have experienced the ravages of living by the world's standards with our older children and do not wish to repeat the tragedy
Terri O. Poss
Stafford, VA
Lee R. & Madonna Post
Circle Pines, MN
Erik Powell, Sr.
Greenville, SC; Sales Rep for A Beka Books
Rachel Powell
Wesley Chapel, FL; Occupation: Artist, Family size: 4 people, Religious affiliation: Protestant Christian,
Kimberly L. Poynter
Owasso, OK; Mother of 3 fresno, ca; cattle rancher
kevin price
sugar land, tx
bill & mary pride
fenton, mo; publisher, practical homeschooling magazine
Natalie Priebe
Waseca, MN
Sharon Priest
Draper, UT; Mother of 2
Nancy Prins
Isanti, MN; Child of God, wife, mom, teacher and nurse
Anthony Pucoh
Alvin, TX
Deborah Pullinger
Orange City, FL; Homeschool Christian mother of three children
Alice Purcell
Houston, TX
Bruce Purdy
Lancaster, OH; Executive Director Christian Home Educators, Ohio
Glenn Pursell
League City, TX; Network Engineer
Emily K. Purvis, RT(R)
Galveston, TX; Homeschooler, Christian, Professional, Single Parent
Laurance Raborg
Madera, CA; Husband, father, Partriot, [email protected]
Joi Ramey
Hixson, TN; Christian Homeschooler, needleworker, avid reader and computer junkie
Susan A. Ramsey
Pinellas Park, FL; Graphic Artist, Homeschool teacher/parent,
Brent E. Rawlings
Lake in the Hills, IL; Claims Analyst
Thomas & Elizabeth Rawls
La Porte, TX
Paul M. & Debra Raybern
New Waverly, TX
Paul Raymond
Appomattox, VA; Reformed Bible Church Pastor, publishes newsletters dealing with issues concerning public schools & the Apostacy of the Church, [email protected],
Carole Rector
Lexington, TX
Pascl Redfern
Missoula, MT; Leader of Western Montana Homeschool Group/publisher of state homeschool newsletter, The Grapevine
Mrs. Anne Reece
Barnum, MN; Homeschooling Mother
Dave Regier
Dinuba, CA
Dave & Cynthia C. Regier
Dinuba, CA
Don & Cheryl Regier
Reedley, CA
Dawn Reibel
Cottage Grove, MN; Student, Owner of Cyber Dawn Services Intl
Fred & Amy Reid
Sumerduck, VA; Self-employed husband, stay at home wife, 3 children, believers in salvation through Jesus Christ, homeschoolers
Tony Reid
Auckland; Self employed, family of four, all Christians
Erin Reilley
Wilton, CA; 6th grade Teacher in private Christian school, Artist
M. James & Robynn Reilly
Clovis, CA
Donia Reitzel
Virginia Beach, VA; Homeschooling mother of one son age 7, Husband is self employee, Baptist
Lori Beth Renne
Pennsauken, NJ; 19 yrs old
Kathryn Rennie
Bloomington, MN; Pro-life, homeschooler
Jose & Rhonda Reyes
Houston, TX; Homeschool Parents
Rick Richards
Fresno, CA
D. Mac & Beth Richardson
Charlestown, RI
Kim Rideau
Houston, TX; Mother of 4, happily married Christian
L. W. Ridenhour, Jr.
Beaumont, TX; Mechanical Engineer
Ronda Ried
Burnsville, MN; Mom of four
P. Leslie Riley, Jr.
Crenshaw, MS; Christians, homeschooling seven children, MS State Chairman of Constitution Party
Morgan Scott Riling
Richmond, TX
Shelley Rinke
Cedar, MN
Marle P. Ripps
Rebecca A. Risk
Hill Air Force Base, UT; Homeschooling mom of 2 - USAF
Jeff Ritz
Houston, TX
James J. Rizzuti & Leslie P. Rizzuti
Lexington, SC; Leslie-former 2 year public school teacher
William J. Roach
Brighton, CO; Insurance Agent
Shawn Roberts
Lemoore, CA; Housewife
Bonnie Robertson
Placerville, CA; Homemaker
Sheri Robey
Amelia Court House, VA; Home Educator and Homemaker
Karen Robicheau
Liverpool, NY; Homeschooling Christian mother of 3 children & wife to a wonderful Christian man
Arthur B. Robinson
Cave Junction, OR; Editor - Access to Energy
Randy & Christy Rocca
Fresno, CA
Marilyn Rockett
Houston, TX; 15 year home educator, author, speaker, Hillsdale College Parents Board; [email protected]
E. B. Rogers, III
Nokesville, VA
Michael Rogers
Leachville, AR; System Development Manager, Pastor, Primitive Baptists, wife + 5 children, home schoolers
Ryan Rogers
Romance, AR; Head of Machine Shop for International Corp. that make school buses, married for 24 years, 3 children, 16,11,7, two boys and 1 girl, New Testament Christian, hobbies are my church, my family, my country & truth in all matters
Lori Rogosheske
Sauk Rapids, MN
Florine M. Rohr
Badger, CA
Jerry Rohrer
Bealeton, VA
Julie Romagnoli
Fresno, CA; Secretary, 1 day a week
David A. Ronkainen
Carlton, MN
Sandee Roquemore
Dickinson, TX
Penny Rosales & Louise Becker & Andrew, Michael & Anthony Rosales
Willits, CA; Homeschooler, Christian
Lori Rose
Wakefield, MI; Homeschooling mom of 3, born again Christian.
H. Leverne & Gertrude Rosenberger
Uxbridge, MA; Home Missionary, Reformed Presbyterian Church of N.A., served 4 3-yr terms on BOD, NVCS, now Christian Schools, Intl, Co-founder, former president, PA Assn of Christian Schools, Former Dir of Development, Plumstead Xn. Sch., PA
Gayle Ross
Salt Lake City, UT; Mother of 1
Michon Ross
Augusta, GA; Computer-website representative for Ad Max International
Robert & Kathleen Ross
Edgar, WI; Self-employed/business owner; 6 yrs homeschooling
Shane Ross
Humble, TX; 3 kids, starting home schooling in 1998
Paula Rossmanith
Colorado Springs, CO
Denise E. Roussel
Victoria, TX
J. Michael & Mary Ellen Rozmus
The Woodlands, TX; Christian homeschooling parents of 4 children, [email protected]
Robin C. Rucker
Berryville, VA
Dante Rueda
Beaumont, TX
Mike & Lucie Ruiz
Fresno, CA; Mother, dental hygienist
Dennis H. Running
Paso Robles, CA; Christian camp coordinator
Colleen Russell
Pinedale, CA; Housewife
Janice Russell
Greenville, SC; Teacher in corporate homeschool, parent of homeschooled student
Maria Russell
Evans, GA; Homeschool Mom
Rick Saffery
Parkville, MD; Engineer, Nuclear family with extension!, Christian, Freedom Fighter and Libertarian.
Venessa L. Safford
Augusta, GA
Franklin Salzer
Wheat Ridge, CO; Architect, Pro-Home School
Maridel Sandberg
Lakeville, MN
Russell & Charlene Sanders
Hot Springs National Park, AR; Conservative constitutionalist, strongly family oriented
Miguel A. & Janet Sandoval
Gary Sanseri
Portland, OR; Former head of High Point (NC) H.S. English Department,
Luis Aguiar Santos
Cascais; Christian, Libertarian, non professional historian and editor at a private publishing house. First signer of Proclamation in Portugal, http://[email protected]
Joshua & Jodi Sather
Sioux Falls, SD
Karen K. Satterfield
Tomball, TX
Alan G & Joyce Schaeffer
Brooklyn, CT; Parents, unschoolers, bicycle store owner
Donald & Christine Schanzenbach
Mound, MN; Don is Board member, former director, Minnesota Sun
Barbara Scherer
Minneapolis, MN; Asst. Dean of students, married, 2 children, 4 grandchildren, Christian
Robert J. & Debra Schmidt
Savage, MN
Douglas & Beverly Schmitt
Mill Hall, PA; Publishers of G.A. Henty and homeschooling family, [email protected],
Sharley Schmitt
Suquamish, WA; Homemaker, former model, Christian, preparing to homeschool children, holds freedom very dear
Donna & Nicole Schott
Manchester, MD; Registered Nurse, Home School Educator, Homeschool Student
Russ Schrowang
Liberty Hill, TX; Homeschool Bookfair Manager - Supplier
Josephine R. & Angela M. Schueler
Lakewood, CO
Patty Schuler
Bakersfield, CA
Joe & Sallie Schulz
Juneau, AK; Christian homeschoolers with two children
Charles Scott
Newark, DE; Nuclear Power, former public school teacher
Don & Lori Scott
Madera, CA
Steve Scott
Waterloo, IL; Self-employed (home repair), wife, 3 married daughters, Christian
Mary R. Seeland
Fresno, CA; Mother of 7, Christian, Home Educator, 2 children in autistic spectrum, now using neurodevelopmental programs, [email protected]
Nancy Seib
Fresno, CA; Homemaker
Suzanne Seidel
Houston, TX; Director of Home School Women's Group
Gary J. Self
Orange, TX
Jo Lee Sendelbach
Rochester, MN
C. Bennett Seus
Tracie J Sharp
Richmond, CA;
Helen Sheehan
Maple Lake, MN
Tiffany Shenode
Pasadena, TX; Born-again believer
Kenneth L. Shepard
Clovis, CA; Elevator Technician for Thyssen Krupp
Staci Sherck
FPO AP; Married, homeschooling mother of two children, Christian, Conservative Libertarian
T. Paul Shippy
Tempe, AZ; Christian homeschooler involved in tech support, web programming & development,
Clifford Shirk
Lodi, CA; Libertarian since 1965, Sub Teacher, member of Church of God
Toni Shoffner
Fresno, CA
Bernadette Shonka
Tacoma, WA; Retired Army, currently self employed musician specializing in liturgical music, [email protected]
Jewell M. Short
Houston, TX; Single mom of 4
Stephen Shubin
Fresno, CA; Contractor
Martha L. Sides
Pearland, TX
Kevin T. Siebert
Fresno, CA; Self employed
Diane E. Sillaman
Millersville, MD; Homeschools 4 children, Former public High School Math Teacher
Clarence F. Sills, Jr., Ph.D.
Greenville, WV; Prof of Philosophy, US Naval Academy
Valerie Silva
Merced, CA
Renee Silvaroli
Wickliffe, OH; Director O.U.C.H., Homeschool Advocate/Legislative Liason, member of various family values organizations & Ohio Home Education Coalition,
Robert A. Simpson
Whiting, ME; Certified Bank Auditor
Angela C. Sinclair
Daniel Sinclair
Fallbrook, CA; Entrepreneur
Reta Sisk
Chelsea, AL; Teaching Tape Tech Videos for Home School
Dawn M. Sjolund
Wayzata, MN
Robert B. Skewes
Hamburg, NJ; Retired public school teacher (29 years), Christian Coalition chapter chairman
Lesa A. Skipper
Joshua, TX
Carter & Darla Smith
Lubbock, TX; Members of South Plains Christian Home Educators Assn., conservative Christians,
JoBelle Smith
Columbus, MS; photographer, homeschooler, Episcopalian
Karen A. Smith
Larry Smith
Rowlett, TX
Myra Smith
Fresno, CA
Patrick Smith
Fresno, CA; Veterinarian
Rebecca A. Smith
Kerrville, TX
Scott G. & Lesa Smith
Houston, TX; Physician's Assistant, mother of 3, Homeschooler
Rebecca Elaine Snedecor-Musso
League City, TX
Jean Snow
Bellville, TX
Ted Snyder
Spencerport, NY; Serving Christ in NY, homeschooling dad, former Republican Committee member,
Steven H. Sommer
Roseville, MN
Steve Sommer
Spring, TX
John & Ann M. Sortor
Clovis, CA; Optometrist & homeschooler, Homeschooling mom/retired RN
Scott & Kay Soupir
Farmington, MN
Kerry Souza
Tulare, CA
Kenneth D. & Alicia Sowell
Webster, TX; Homeschool Dad & Mom
Cheryl J. Spaid
Brooklyn Center, MN
Steven S. & Terrie Spalding
Fresno, CA; former public school teacher, now stay at home homeschooling mom of 4
Jack H. & Rochelle Spates
Freeport, TX
Rodney & Sandra Spegal
Medina, TN; We have 6 children and are Independent, fundamental Missionary Baptists in Jackson, TN area. We've been homeschooling ten years.
Brittany & Connie Spencer
Morganton, NC
John & Carol Spinuzzi
Timpson, TX; Anti-denominational Christian, self employed, homeschooling 6
Paul & Jaynee St. John
Fraser, MI; HomeSchool Parents,
Alane Staberg
Moose Lake, MN
Rene A. Stadler
Reedley, CA; Usborne Book Consultant
Susan Stanberry
Clovis, CA
DeAnne Stark
Springfield, VA
Bill Starr
Columbus, IN; Christian father of 3, home educator, engineer/customer [email protected],
Mrs. Stephanie C. Steele
Rio Oso, CA; Homeschooled 4 children for 10 yrs, now teaching 11 & 12 grades in Christian school
Carmen Stepp
El Paso, TX; Former public school teacher/Homeschooler
Kevin M. & Shan M. Stern
Taylor Lake Village, TX
Lisa Stiles
Houston, TX
Maria G. Stites
Brazoria, TX; 1st year to homeschool
Kirk C. Stoa
Maple Grove, MN
Monica Stockbridge
Clovis, CA
Matt C. & Patricia J. Stockwell
Rochester, MN; Computer Programmer
Albert T. & Susan & Jonathan Stoddard
Monument, CO; Engineer
LaDonna Storkel
Mc Keesport, PA; Christian home-educator
Franklin F. Stover
Chandler, AZ; Director of Development, Valley Christian High School
Christopher & Barbara J. Strand
Annandale, MN; Citizen
Frank & Laura & Jon Strickland
Salt Lake City, UT; Geologist, mother of 5, teenager
The Rev. & Mars. Albert Rhodes Stuart
Rock Stream, NY; Pastor, Rock Stream Presbyterian & Lakemont Congregational Christian Churches, [email protected]
Theresa M. Suarez
Sandy, UT; Mother of 8
James Sublett
Kerrville, TX; CPA
Kay Sukraw
Adna, WA; Professional Engineer - mother of 4
Thomas SunHawk
Creola, OH; Farm/Ranch-10-Native American
Peter Sunsitter
Cave Junction, OR; Retired, Eight kids of various ages, Quaker Libertarian
Alexie Surisky
Houston, TX
David H. & Connie M. Swan
Brooklyn Park, MN; Computer consultant, Homeschooling mom, [email protected],
Aisha Syed
Houston, TX
Robin Tacquard
Alvin, TX
Jodi Tallmon
North Fork, CA
Dianne L. Talsma
Dakota, MN; Homeschooler
Laura Tatum
Knoxville, TN; Presbyterian; college-educated, former home school student; world traveler
Darla Taylor
Richmond, TX
David & Cheryl Teal
London, KY; Homeschooling family, conservative Presbyterian, helped start homeschool support groups in 3 states
Michell Teich & Timothy D. Teich
Spokane, WA
Cliff Thayer
Harlem, GA; Retired Military
Kas W. Thayer
Dearing, GA
Clifford Thies, PhD
Winchester, VA; Durell Prof of Economics, Shenandoah Univ
Gerald R. Thiessen
Newman, CA; Electrician for the State of California
Lori Thomas
Martinez, GA; Homeschool mother of 2
Mary E. Thompson
Mercer, PA; Retired, Former School Board Member; Sales Rep
J. Claiborne III & Lana Thornton
Brentwood, TN; Environmental Consultant, Pres, Tennessee Home Education Assoc, home schooling since 1980, [email protected]
John Thronson
Fresno, CA
Tina & B. Terrell Thruston, Jr.
Rocklin, CA; Mom & wife
Daniel J. & Susan R. Tibbits
Spring, TX
Andrea Tiggas
Edina, MN; Homeschooling Homemaker, family of 5, Greek Orthodox
Earl & Denise Tipton, Jr.
Sugar Land, TX; Engineer, Christian, Homeschooler
Charles Tomko
Pensacola, FL; 7 yrs public school math & science teacher, now Carpet Cleaning
Curt Tomlin
Killeen, TX; The Christian Alert Network (TCAN), [email protected],
Susan B. Treat
Houston, TX
Keith Trost
Burlington, WI; Follower of Jesus, home education, law, computers, small sustainable dairy/vegetable farmer, Management Intensive Grazing (MIG), Single father, country life, draft horses, wholistic JOYFUL life
Thomas & Colleen Trouwborst
Hawthorne, NJ; Reformed Seminary Student, Parents, Homeschoolers, [email protected]
Gregory Troy
Anoka, MN
Laurie Tryfiates; Home Educator
Mark W. Tuck
The Woodlands, TX; Homeschooler
Greg Tucker
South Lake Tahoe, CA
Bruce & Susan Tuggy
Oakhurst, CA; Publishing family discipleship materials in Spanish, Author of Declaration of Free Conscience
Greg Turner
Coarsegold, CA
Denise Tyler
Friendswood, TX
Bruce Tyson
Greenville, SC; Baptist Idealist
David & Carol Tyson
Fontana, CA; Minister/Educator
Terry L. Valentine
Littleton, CO
Charles Van Eaton, PhD
Thousand Oaks, CA; College Professor, Economics
Barbara E. Van Heel
Golden Valley, MN
David J. & M. Laurel Van Maren
Fort Collins, CO; Engineer, father, mother of five boys, homeschooler,
John Vandenberg
Spurger, TX; Government Employee, Homeschooler
Mike and Colleen Vaneps
Rochester, MN; Home/Private Christian Education
Patrice J. Vangen
Forest Lake, MN; Military, Homeschooler, HHA
Pollie Velcoviek
Leatha M. Veronie
Pinehurst, TX; Christian, Homeschooler, Middle Class
Maria Vickers
Katy, TX; BS Psychology, BA Spanish
Natalie Villarreal
Houston, TX; Married/housewife
Jeffrey & Charity Vincent
Madera, CA; Computer Guy
Kathleen Vincent
Nashua, NH; Homeschooler, private school teacher, private school founder and principal, parent, grandparent, educator, candidate for NH State Rep, Christian Coalition chapter chairwoman
Tammy Vinson
Fresno, CA; Homemaker
Keith P. & Carolyn V. Voges
Kearneysville, WV; Biologist/Rental Property; Teacher's Aid
Eddie Vogtl
Boerne, TX; Justice of the Peace, Unity Church, 3 kids
Pam vonGohren
Minnetonka, MN
Cynthia Voss
Webster, TX
John & Shirley Votaw
Victoria, TX; Aggies
Marie R. Wagenaar
Middletown, DE; Homeschooling mom
John & Mary Wahl
Paulina, LA; Christian homeschooling family of nine
Amy Wallace
Houston, TX
Margery Wallo
Sterling, VA; Former public school substitute teacher
Monica Walshak
Hockley, TX
Bobby, Sharon, Ben & Josh Waltenburg
Greenville, SC; Students
Bonnie C. Walter
Loveland, CO; 6 yrs public school teacher in Utah, now homeschooler
Stanley H. Walters
Villa Park, CA; Psychologist, Director, Center for Children and Parents
Preson Walters
Liberty, MS; Automotive Technician/Homeschooler
Michael, Donna & Brian Wanschura
Inver Grove Heights, MN; Brian - College Student/Member National Guard
John Wardlaw
Mission Viejo, CA; Former public school teacher, New Zealand
Paul Warfield
Baytown, TX; self employed, family of four, Eastern Orthodox
Judith K. Warner
Rohrersville, MD
Christina Waterson
Hilmar, CA; Homemaker/school teacher
Nancy Watling
Maple Grove, MN; Christian, Homeschooling parent
Heather Weaver
Ridgecrest, CA
Nicolette Webb
Hopkins, MN; Homeschooler
Ronda L. Webb
Edward R. Weber
Hartley, TX; Owner/Minister
Karen L. Weber
Millersburg, PA; Former education major, then "homeschooled" in college age family program, copy editor at ATI-IBLP headquarters, now wife, mother and home educator
Bonnie Weberling
Mansfield, OH; Homeschool Mom, Father's profession--counselor, 2 teenage boys, independent evangelical, enjoy music, tennis, soccer (watching children), politics
Jean-Ann H. & Stephanie Webster
Grand Blanc, MI; Public Service, Student
Kathryn Weitzel
Marietta, GA; Primarily Christian, stay at home mom
Sheila West
Visalia, CA
Mildred Weston
Russellville, AR; Small newspaper editor
Doris Ann Wetjen
Bethel, MN; Ordinary person
Mark H. & Deborah G. White
Sugar Land, TX; CAD Piping Designer, Christian, Homeschooler of 3
Colin & Jackie Whitley
Winfield, KS; Homeschooling family of 6, run all boys school in South Central Kansas,
K. Whitman
Elverta, CA; Private School Teacher
David & Susan Whitsitt
Fresno, CA
Daphine Whitworth
Waller, TX; Public School 8 yrs, homeschool 2 yrs
Carol J. Wickstrom
Hilmar, CA
Leah Wiedeman
Beltsville, MD; Homeschooler
Veronica V. Wilder
Houston, TX
Shirla Willems
Fresno, CA; Domestic Engineer
Beverly Williams
Boise, ID; Former public school teacher, 3 grown children, 4 grandchildren, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, homemaker, gardener
Darrell A. Williams >dt>Coalinga, CA
Norma T. Williams
Houston, TX; Homeschool Mom, Professional Musician
Robyn Williams
Kingsburg, CA; Homemaker
Tylaine G. Williams
Dale City, VA; Homeschooler, former substitute teacher in California
Crystal A. Wilson
Augusta, GA; Sole Proprietor
Fione & Dawn Wilson
Fresno, CA; Manager & Homemaker
Paul & Lynn Wilson
Fresno, CA; Father of five, 15 yrs secondary public school math and physical ed teacher, Mannatech distributor, Homeschoolers, daughter at Patrick Henry College
Terry Wolff
Rochester, NY; Interested & Involved Mother & Grandmother, Member Concerned Women for America, the largest pro-family women's org in U.S., [email protected]
Arlene Wood
Chapmansboro, TN; Nurse, homeschool mother of 3
Deborah Wood
Kelseyville, CA
Christine Woodard
Lemoore, CA
Mr. & Mrs. Robert C. Woodward
Black Mountain, NC
Don Woolett
Hodgenville, KY; Founding Director of Christian Home Educators of Kentucky and LEARN Ministries,
M. J. Worthington
Asheville, NC
Candace Wright
Covington, KY; Home school student
Earnest & Becky Wright, Jr.
Santa Fe, TX; Homeschool Mom, Leader
Kathy Wright
Covington, KY; Homeschooling mom
Donna Yates
Schenectady, NY; Homeschooling Mother of 3 daughters
Ronald Yee
Fresno, CA
Ben Yonan
Ripon, CA; Asst Director, St. Thomas Aquinas Academy, [email protected],
Dr. Elizabeth Youmans
Chesapeake, VA; President of Principia Corporation, International Educator, Editor of The Noah Plan curriculum at the Foundaiton for American Christian Education, Professor at Regent University in the School of Education,
C. N. & Cindy Young
Cleveland, TX
Joell Young
Cypress, TX; Christian mother of 4, homeschooling children
Robert & Beverly Young
Westminster, MD; Technical Support Mgr. for a software company, we are homeschoolers, [email protected],
Annette Yunker
Alexandria, VA; Retired military (USMC), unschooling parent of 3 girls, independent fundamental Baptist, adamently believe in separating politics and government from education
Manuel & Geri Zamora
Stafford, TX
Mary Zanders
Fayetteville, NC; Christian mother, Church of God, Republican
Loida Zanowic
Bayonne, NJ; Married mother of 2 girls ages 15 & 13, Methodist that loves the internet, crafts, sewing & reading
Gregory Zierhut
Roseville, MN; Electronic Technician/Homeschooler

# # #